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Friday, February 19, 2010

Where You Choose to Place Your Energy

The direction you choose to place your energy is a vital concept to understand and apply in today’s society. We have amazing empowered individuals that are awakening to the ideas of energy placement.
I am beginning to see people begin to understand that where they choose to place their energy and focus is the same “stuff” that is creating their world.

Yet, how many people do you know place a lot of their energy doing things for others and getting very little in return? I assume that many people place their energy doing these things for others just to appear “nice.” But let’s get real here. What you put into life, you get out of life.
If you place a lot of energy into things that bring you back very little value, is it really worth it at the end of the day?

I am in the process of applying this knowledge in my own personal development. In my younger years, I would scatter my energies only to find out in the end, there was a lot of wasted action steps. I realized that trying to be nice and appeal to everyone is not intelligent. So it began to be more about focus for me. I am getting a lot more clear on where to place my energies effectively, for the best results and most favorable outcome. This is a tremendously amazing position to be because with each major choice I make, I develop a feeling of empowerment. I can feel this empowerment because each step along the way, I learn and grow stronger as an indvidual in the process of choosing to place my energies in more favorable pursuits.

Empowerment will begin to really be present in the individual that can see pass the layers of distraction and temporary highs. The empowered individual really has the ability to see through the surface and gets to the “meat” of the situation immediately. The empowered individual is wise in, where and how he/she chooses to pour their energy into. Empowered individuals respect themselves and their energy and are confident in that what they are putting their energy into is worthwhile and valuable to them. They put their energies on projects and creative work that give the best possible outcome. They don’t waste time on the small things that give very little return, just for the sake of appearing “nice” to others.

What You Value
It is important to note that what you value, will determine where and how you spend most of your energy. If you don’t value much in life, it is easy to see why you may unconsciously choose to spend your energy on activities that keep you stagnant and disempowered. Distractions come in many forms. Overeating, excessive alcohol use, watchng television all day long etc. When you are clear on your values and what is important to you, it is easier to know exactly where to place your energy. It takes listening to your own truth, wisdom, and experience to truly get clear on what you value. However the moment that takes place, you will feel empowered as your actions become more in alignment in correctly placing your energies. These energies correctly placed will yield more favorable results for you.

Your Choice
It’s all your choice. Many will decide to place their energy on distractions. While others are more focused driven and place their energy on very few things that bring about bigger and better results. Keep in mind if you decide to misplace your energy on distractions it can lead to bad habits if not checked on. It’s almost like drowning yourself. The more you put energy into the things that don’t serve you well, the deeper you go. Where you choose to place your energy is what will begin to manifest in your life. Focus on uplfiting, positive pursuits. As you decide to focus on pursuits that are more valuable to you, you become more empowered in the process. You become more empowered because the process of making solid strong descions based on your clear values, builds confidence with yourself. It takes discipline and confidence to make choices that are better for you. This develops as you get more comfortable making choices based on your value system and following through. The truth is that you are the creator of your reality. What you focus on expands.

My Personal Example
For example, what I value is creating and delivering positive value for others. For me, this comes in the form of creative self expression in my blog, books, and videos. These outlets allow me to inspire and empower others. So my value for choosing to be an inspiration and empowerment to others through blogs, books, and video is what keeps my energy focused and in alignment. As I place my energies on this specific clear value, I can always come back to it when my energies are feeling misplaced or out of alignment. I am fortunate in the fact that what I value, is something that is way bigger than me. The idea of attempting to inspire and empower countless indviduals is not a small task, but that is what keeps me inspired and moving upwards in my own journey. So I can say that where I personally choose to place my energy serves me very well. Where are you choosing to place your energies? Are you choosing to place your energy on distractions, or activies that uplift yourself and others?

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