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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Awesome Living

Awesome Living
“It’s the simple things that make life awesome.” +Baker

Awesome living, it’s something we all want. I know that I live an aweome life. I am living an awesome life, and that is not egotistical. It’s just the way it is. People that live aweome lives like me are shining from within. I don’t concern myself with the good or the bad that people are doing in life. It is not my mission to save the world. My mission is to spread light and be the authentic me that lives an awesome life.

Do I have bad days? Yes. There are times when things seem very challenging in life. But, even at that I find the awesomeness. But, I continue to live an awesome life because I focus on awesome.
For example, I had a salad this morning, it had my favorite salad dressing: blue cheese. Some people might not like blue cheese as a salad dressing, heck some people may not even like salad. But I do, and I think it is awesome that I get to eat healthy food with dressing that I think is delicious. That is a small example of how awesome I am living. It is very simple to some, but that’s the secret. It’s the simple things that make life awesome.

What is My Point?
Maybe in life there really doesn’t need to be a point to anything. Maybe I’m just typing here expressing my gratitude for a couple of people to read this, and maybe they can find something simple in this writing that sparks some kind of creative juice within them to make them happy. The intent of this post is not to blow you away. Although, I am blown away daily by how simple my life is and how awesome it is at the same time. I’m acknowledging the basics here. These basics lay the foundation for the beyond successful life that I lead. I had a salad, I enjoyed it in the present moment, I am writing to you now fully present enjoying it. Later on the day, I may go for a sunset run by the lake. I might even have another blue cheese salad for lunch and a delicious mouth watering fish burrito, who knows. All I know is that life is awesome and I’m enjoying the very simple things in the moment that allow that awesomeness to flow in. You can do the same if you want, it’s your choice.

Awesome living,

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