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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being Present

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

This past week I’ve made an honest effort to stay more in the present moment. What I have found is that the longer I stay out of the present moment awareness, the more challenging it is to get back into it. In other words, the reason I chose to make a real effort to be in the present moment at the start of this week, is because the week prior I’ve been a little scattered and misplacing my energies into too many activities.
So I began this week trying to get into the present moment more. However, the interesting thing about “trying” to get into the present moment simply doesn’t work for me. It’s not something I can’t try to do. It seems the more I try to be present, what I’m seeking moves further away from me.
What I’ve done instead of trying to be more present, was to just accept whatever is in front of me that I must work with at the moment. Its more of being aware of what I’m doing at the exact moment, and accepting whatever comes to me in that exact time. I have found that if I keep my mind in awareness and acceptance of what is, I can go pass this whole idea of “trying to be present.”

Letting It Go

I have found that this week things tend to go so much more smooth and easier when I just let go and detach myself from trying to “get to” a certain outcome. For example, I wanted my Arizona video to be perfect. I wanted it to resemble a sense of inspiration and empowerment to my viewers. However, if I continued to think about perfection the whole way through the process of making the video, the video itself would never be released because I would be always constantly try to make changes on it and never really feel it is getting to where I want it to go. So I actually spent several weeks trying hard to put a video together that resembled the infant stages of my Arizona trip and blend it in nicely with quotes that I’ve used in this blog for optimal effect. I was trying to piece this video together, and just kept running into a wall. It just wasn’t working out trying to do it myself.

The Solution

So, I paid my wonderful, highly organized, and talented sister to do the video for me. Now this type of video creation comes very easy and naturally for her. In fact she loves doing this. So thank you Kimbundance for making this video for me, it came out just the way I wanted it and more so. So I am grateful for the successful collaboration.
The combination of detachment and letting things go, and being aware in the present moment has been a truly amazing experience for me. I hope this real life example has demonstrated for my readers the positive results of being present and detached in what you are aiming to accomplish. If not, that’s fine too I really don’t care either way.

Being Present,


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