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Monday, December 21, 2009

Instant Gratification V.S Delayed Gratification.

Hello all.
We live in a society that constantly needs instant gratification. It seems as though everyone wants what they want “right now.” That’s the reason for people needing to cling desperately for things like a job and or a relationship that does not serve them well. Instant gratification is an emotion that comes from the ego mind. The ego mind is constantly telling you that you want this and that, and for a brief moment you begin to believe it, only to be let down. The ego eventually fails. The things of this world that people perceive as important are only as important as the thought they think, and the amount of people that agree with it.

For instance, many people get a job because that is what a majority of people have. It offers a quick fix to financial problems that they may be suffering from in the present. They realize that a job may or not be indicative of there highest joy. But they do so anyway, because their ego mind needs something, whether it be to identify with others and belong, or the instant gratification of having an income come in consistently.

Too many people get caught up in the ideas that society wants from them, and aren’t courageous and patient enough to do what they really enjoy. Delayed gratification is knowing that what everyone wants is not necessarily what you want, and you are willing to work on your passion regardless how long it takes to get where you want to. But the funny thing is getting to where you want to go is not even the main objective. The journey and lessons learned is where the goodness lies in, and will always be.

Delayed Gratification means keeping those winning thoughts inside of you, even when on the outside it looks like you are “loosing.”
Delayed gratification is not about sacrifice, it’s about being you, and waiting for people to catch up to you and “get it.” Eventually they will.


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