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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Attempting to Be “Normal” Limits Your True Self Expression!!!

“I don’t think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that’s what counts.”
-Angelina Jolie

Hello all.

We are all guilty of it at some point in our lives. The idea of attempting to be normal in the eyes of others. What does this really do, when we conform for others? Doesn’t that mean if we conform to seem normal in others people’s eyes we are actually looking at the situation from their perspective, and not our own perspective? Doesn’t this create a loss of power on our part ?

Being “Normal” for others gives them power
When you try your best to always make people happy and approve of you, what this really means is that you want to appear normal in their eyes. From there perspective you try to play a role, that a lot of times feels very uncomfortable. In playing this role, you are not standing up for your true self and just trying to be like everyone else. That is fine, if mediocrity is what you will settle for. But beyond successful people know that in order to take back your power, you must operate from your true self, and a lot of time this means not being “normal” in others eyes.

Limits Your True Self Expression

In your attempt to fit in, you lose your true self expression. This may come in many different forms. It may come from a job you dislike, and are just doing it for the money and to fit in. Or may come from seeking your parents approval of being a good son or daughter. This limits you because you aren’t being yourself, so how do you really expect to actually do stuff you love, and make money from it when you are still trying to make everyone see you as “normal.”

There is nothing “normal” about making money from what you love in this society. Yes people may say that’s great that you are doing what you love and making lots of money, but if they aren’t making a lot of money doing work they love themselves, they really don’t know how that would feel. So to them, that is not a “normal” thing for those people to realize. The “normal” in this society has become to do work you hate, answer to a boss, and make a mediocre income and stay in your place, and complain about it with others. This is what society views as normal. So if you are extraordinary, your intention really should stay free and clear of attempting to be “normal” in other people’s eyes, because that actually the opposite of what you should be focusing on, when finding your true path.

Focusing On Your Uniqueness
The moment you really begin to honor and appreciate your uniqueness, is the same moment you will realize that being “normal” is an ego thing. It means that you have to do a set routine for a certain select group of people that you fear harsh criticism from. The truth is the more you become yourself, the more critics you attract. This is because you are standing out when you are your true self, and people either love or hate that. There is no hide and go seek anymore. If you are extraordinary, you can’t go back to “normal” It’s just who you are. The challenge for you as an extraordinary person is to continue to be you, treat others with respect and love as you continue to shine and achieve greatness, regardless of the negative or positive reactions you receive from others. As you focus on your own uniqueness and operate from your higher self, you will see opportunities and doors open to you that you may have never imagined possible. This is because when you connect to your source, who you really are this allows the good things to manifest for you because you are in alignment with all that is.
From this state of being, you will not concern yourself with what is normal or not normal. You will simply be.

Several great men and women that achieved high achievements in this society were generally not deemed as being “normal” when they were just starting out. Yet they were being true to who they were, regardless of any outside criticisms. There true self expression came from within, and out to the world. Be you, honor and appreciate your uniqueness. Your true self expression is found when you are outside the box. Even if others in the box think it’s not normal.

With Awareness,

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