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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Be Do Have

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Hello all.
I'd like to introduce the concept of be, do, and have. First I want to say that, a lot of people have this idea backwards. Many people believe that you have to first DO (take action) in order to HAVE (acquire something) and what you BECOME (who you are) is simply no that important, and is a result of what happened prior to doing and having.

Thus The wrong order is:
1. Do
2. Have
3. Be

Now, let's reverse this idea. The correct order is:
1. BE
2. DO


The reason this is the correct order is because way before you acquire something "have" you have to "be" that person that acquires it. Way before you "do" what you need to do to get that thing, you have to "be" that person. This is how you stay in touch with the real you and lead a more happier and successful life.

Many people get caught up trying to do all these wonderful and great things to acquire items, and external things like recognition, money, status etc. These are all ego needs. What these people don't recognize is if they forget step 1 and don't know who they are "Being" then the results at the end of the day don't really feel that great. In other words if someone tried very hard to make a lot of money and worked at something he or she didn't enjoy, then that person can't possibly know who they are yet. Thus even if they receive what they are looking for, a sense of who they are has been lost even further, leading to more unhappiness, until the individual finally understand the correct order.

When you focus on who you are (be) and take proper actions steps (do) then you will aquire (have) what you desire.

Before you can have, you must do, before you do, you must BE.
Focus on who you are, and the rest will take of itself, the do and have takes care of itself.


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  1. Hey Baker! I found your blog from your eHow page. Very nice blog, I like it. And I agree with you 100%!