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Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Your Conviction Progresses You Towards Your Goals.

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Hello all.
There are people who wish for things to happen. Such statements from a wishful person are " I wish to be rich" There are people who believe in things. Such statements of a believer include, "I believe I can be succesful."

Then there are those that have conviction. A statement made out of conviction is :" I know I will be succesful, I take action steps each day to make this a reality."

A wish is something that someone thinks about and it diminishes as quickly as the thought came about. A belief is something you hold longer than you wish and may take some action on. But a conviction is something you know will come to pass and you take small daily action steps towards that goal being fulfilled.

Our society is a mixture of wishful thinkers and believers. We currently only have enough people that live with conviction. A person who is convinced knows that they will eventually be where they set their mind to. They take actions steps. This is the advanced version of someone who believes, because they are doing what it takes to make their goal a reality. A conviction is an inner knowing that you already have what you are searching for, and you prove this with how you act and how you behave.
If you want to really make a difference in your way of life, you need conviction. Conviction puts your belief and ideas into progressive action. You will be amazed and astounded at the results you are producing once you live out of conviction.

Conviction on a belief is what makes you progress towards your goals.


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