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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Setting Goals v.s Setting Intentions

“Don’t Set Goals, Set Intentions.”

-Janice Plado Dalager

Life Coach and Owner of Soulmate from Within

I’m not going to wait for the New Year to start setting “goals.” Setting goals in the traditional sense for me is very limited. Instead I set daily intentions. What this means is that I’m not actively trying to pursue something that is outside of me. What I want is already inside of me. It comes from a place of awareness and fullness, rather than from a place of needing to get something that I don’t feel I have yet. I am attracting things to me naturally through intention. Setting intentions can be used as an alternative to traditional goal setting. Many people have a hard time grasping this concept. It took a lot of practice for me to step into this new paradigm, but I’m gradually getting better at this.

Goal Setting (Old Model)

The traditional model worked this way.

1. Know exactly what you want.

2. Take practical action steps to get what you want.

3. Don’t give up until goal is completed.

4. Achieve goal.

Intention Setting (New Model)

1. Set an intention from your heart.

2. Go about your daily life, trust it will come the way it wants.

3. Receive the intention the way it must come.

4. Be aware and grateful of its arrival.

The new model, takes a lot more trust and what some will even call blind faith. But from my experience it’s a reality I choose to see exist; therefore it becomes a reality for me. So from my perspective, it isn’t “blind faith.” It is what I choose to experience, and thus this authentic intending brings it towards me. I say authentic intending, because it has to be an intention that feels right in my heart. It has to come from a place of good.

If I intend for 1 billion dollars to arrive at my doorstep today, somewhere inside of me, I know that can’t be a reality (at least at this point). Therefore what I intend for are things and experiences that I first believe is possible within my mind to grasp. The more real it feels for me, the more I know I’m in alignment with it and the greater the chances of its arrival.

Lately, I have been attracting things to me vs. trying so hard to reach a certain goal. We live in an energy based reality, wherein it is our energy that draws us towards certain people, events, opportunities, and circumstances. When we operate at the higher levels of vibration we attract experiences that are at a higher level. When we operate at lower levels of vibration we attract experiences that tend to be at a lower level.

It begins with thought and your belief system. Traditional goal setting is limited. However, setting intention is unlimited. Setting a goal the traditional way, requires that thing to come to you in a certain way, because of the set and traditional steps you choose to take to get there. There is nothing wrong with this model, because you can achieve what you want through this model.

But the reality I see now is that we manifest things towards us the way it wants to come, and being easy and relaxed about its arrival is for some people a more natural and easy way to get what they want.

I am not saying not to take action. Action is the delicious part of the process. Action gets things in motion, and is vital for the process. However, understand that the intention behind the action. Are you taking action in joy, or is what you are doing just means to an end?

When you align with your true self, and take actions based on clear intentions you have set for yourself, you are taking action in joy. When you take action on things that are not aligned with who you really are, and doing something without a clear intention prior, you are take action simply as a means to an end.

That is the reason why I’m very excited about the ideas and topics I write about on this blog, because I know it’s in alignment with who I really am at the moment. I take joy in providing positive value to others. Also the ability to creatively express myself brings me joy. Therefore that joy comes from my heart. It comes from a place of intention. I take action (writing this down for my blog) but not simply as a means to get something. This writing comes from a real authentic place. Therefore my intention that comes prior to this action is actually a lot bigger than any specific goal that I’m trying to “achieve.” My intention is bigger than any goal I set for myself. That is the reality I choose to exist at this time in my life. Therefore this reality becomes clearer to me the more I practice it. I urge you to begin to practice setting intentions and you will be amazed and even surprised at the results in your life.



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  1. So many times we make our resolutions with the intention of giving up a negative pattern of behavior that we no longer want to live with, but however strong our intention, by the end of January we have reverted back to the same behavior pattern, and given up on our resolution.

    Ben Tien