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Monday, January 4, 2010

Being In Alignment With Who You Really Are

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ~Confucius

Hello all.
It is easy in today’s world to get caught up in the ideas of what society demands from you. However my question is, in the process of trying to fit this mold that society wants from you, do you lose alignment with who you really are?
In other words is what society is trying to make you, who you really believe you are? Or are the demands of the outside world actually the exact opposite of what you feel yourself to truly be?

Conforming to Society May Conflict With Who You Are
From my experience, I would say yes. Yes, trying to hard to conform to certain demands and wants of the outside world does get you out of alignment with who you really are. The truth is that this misalignment can come from several people and places. It can come from your workplace, well meaning parents, authority, acquaintances, television programs etc.
Only you can choose to know what energies are pulling you towards your true self, or further away from you true self.

3 Easy Steps to Get More In Alignment With Who You Really Are

1. Spend time alone. This is hard for most people. But time alone and in meditation, is probably the best advice I would give to anyone searching for their true self. This true self comes from listening to the silence that is truly you. This is not the you the outside world say you are, but the you that YOU know you are. Take your time, and really listen to your inner guidance.

2. Write it out. Write out characteristics that you find in yourself that you are happy about. What are some things that you do very well and effortlessly? Begin writing this out as a form of gratitude. As you write out these good qualities within yourself, begin to feel gratitude and good about these qualities. Keep this written material somewhere sacred, and refer back to this on a monthly basis. As you Reaffirm to yourself, the good qualities that you possess regularly, you will gradually see you getting in touch and alignment with your true self.

3. Help others become more in alignment with themselves. As you become more clear on your true alignment, you will feel the need to help others. Remember you can only really help people who are ready for your new found wisdom. This was an important lesson for me personally. I had to learn that the more I tried helping people who weren’t ready for it, the more difficult it was for me and them. When the student is ready the master will appear. Point out with sincerity the good qualities and talents that you see in others. Teach them what has worked for you, and guide them with love. By helping those who are ready for your guidance, you actually tune into even more of who you really are, because a fulfilled life really does begin and end with the service and value you provide to others. You will come full circle.

With Gratitude,

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