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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why Security is an Illusion and Freedom is Real!!!

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.”

In my personal experience, I’ve found that chasing things that seem very secure and safe aren’t always the best choice for my own personal development and growth. When things seemed to be a sure bet or the safest route, deep down I felt like, “What if I miss a major life lesson, by making a mistake myself and learning and growing from this mistake? What if the less secure route, actually gave me opportunities to grow and expand in ways that I never thought possible?”

I’ve been in situations where I have chosen more safe choices that lead to security, but sooner or later, I always felt boxed in or bored as time went on. The idea of chasing security and chasing freedom is an idea I’ve had for quite some time now. I always wondered if I personally continued to chase after things that seemed safer and more secure, would I in the process lose my sense of freedom? I have come to the conclusion that in many respects yes, chasing after security will lead to a loss of freedom. Security and freedom are polar opposites.

Chasing Security=Very Little Freedom
When Chasing security, you get very little freedom. Security is limited. It works for a majority of people, only because a majority of people all agreed together what security meant. Thus what many believe to be security is an illusion. Anything that a majority of people believe based on limitation or lack, is an illusion. The spirit does not understand limitation, for the spirit is limitless.

The way this society has set things up is to make the masses think in terms of having security. They tell you to do certain things that have been done and tried before and these certain actions leads to something called security.

Security Is An Illusion
The idea of security is an illusion because it’s something your mind makes up. Your mind decides for you what security means. Does it mean having a wife or husband, a steady stable job with a secure paycheck? People spend their whole lives chasing after security, and in the process lose their freedom.

Security is ego based. Freedom is spirit based.

Your spirit yearns to be free. Your spirit doesn’t understand what security it is, because your soul is eternal and without limits. Your mind is limited therefore it gravitates towards the idea of limitation in the form of security. Security is an illusion, freedom is real.

People chasing security are having a hard time Today

This hard time they are having is coming from their spirit. Their spirit yearns to be free, yet they hold on to ideas of the old that keep them trapped. They are trapped in jobs they hate because they need “security” of a steady paycheck. They are stuck in relationships that are no longer good for them, because they need the “security” of someone just being there for them to hopefully fill an empty void, that they need to work out within themselves first.
This causes them to feel bad about life because they are stuck in chasing after a security that is really an illusion. Instead of seeking ways to free themselves, they remain in the same place.

The Irony
The irony is that the more you seek freedom, the more security you will feel deep within you. The reason is because the more in touch you are with the flow of freedom, the more your experience feels authentic for you. This authentic living is living outside the box, it is who you really are. The joy alone of trusting your own flow is what actually brings you an inner sense of fulfillment, thus leading to a feeling of security within you.

The Interesting Part About Choosing Freedom

The interesting part is that even if you choose a less secure route, and you fail, you are still learning. You gain a better understanding or your true self in the process. So in reality, the choice of choosing freedom regardless of the perceived negative (otherwise known as learning) effects, are teaching you major life lessons, maybe the life lesson is to choose more security. Who knows? But regardless if you choose the more secure path or the more free path, you will learn life lessons that help you grow either way. I choose freedom.

Abundance to you,

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