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Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 The Year To Transcend

Transcend: to rise above or go beyond the limits of : to triumph over the negative or restrictive aspects of : overcome : to be prior to, beyond, and above (the universe or material existence)

My 2009 Christmas Experience
Hello all. I just arrived back to Arizona from an eventful Christmas Holiday weekend in Southern California.
I had a nice Christmas holiday Season. My weekend consisted of meeting up with many old friends from the past and family. I wasn’t expecting see so many old friends and family this Christmas season, However it was a good time. I feel very blessed and amazed to see the growth and light in these people. Now it’s almost time for a brand new year. I am excited for what is to come.

2010 The Year to Transcend!

I have been writing about in my blogs, spoke about it in a radio show, and spoke about it briefly on a video, about this new shift in energy that is coming onto this planet. Although the date is not for certain of when the energy will come, I already feel that for me, the new energy is already here. I am seeing more people collaborate together and trusting their talents and providing positive value to others more so now, more than anytime in internet history. I am aware that I am one of a few other pioneers in this new Spiritual Revolution taking place. (At Least on written word) So the motto for me and all my readers will be “2010 The Year to Transcend.” This is the year that we all can move in upwards positive progression towards our wildest dreams! This is because the shift in conscious awareness and energy is here, and will gradually reach the hearts of countless individuals across the world. The intuitive ones feel it, the psychic/channelers know it, and I’m here to write about it, and document this new higher positive energy that is now on this planet for your benefit.

This is the year that the self aware individual won’t get caught up in setting traditional “goals” yet we set proper “intentions.” I understand that this concept of setting goals v.s intentions, may still be foreign to many people stuck in the old structure of setting goals, but my intention in 2010 is to show you via inspiring and empowering video and blogging that what I talk about is real in my personal life, and I’m living this in real time. I intend to go through 2010 manifesting with pure intention, versus trying to set “traditional goals.”

2010 is the year to transcend in all areas of your life. The new energy on the planet will help you out tremendously if you stay in alignment with this knowing and flow. Be in alignment with what brings you joy and excitement. This new energy will support those that understand the natural laws of the universe. Therefore, the law of karma and the law of attraction will continue to be in full effect during this new year.

2010 is the year to transcend into new higher levels of thought and a beyond successful way of living. This is the year to boldly let go of all the self limiting doubts, fears, and excuses you have held onto in the year 2009. This is the year to take that leap into higher levels of vibrational energy with confidence, joy, and trust. Whatever you feel is holding you back from your own personal development I suggest to completely let it all go, before entering this new year. Drop it off and trust that the new energy you are coming into will be a guided one. Believe in the unseen. 2010 is a time to accept the good, joy, positive relationships, prosperity, and beyond success that awaits you. Don’t focus to much time beating yourself up for all the mistakes and perceived failures of the past year, and look into this new year with positive energy and joy in manifesting your true desires with the new energy on this planet that is available for you. Leap into this new energy with faith and belief that this is your time! 2010 is the year to transcend!!!

With Loads of Positive Energy,

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