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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why Doing What You Love, Never Fails.

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Doing what you love never fails. First of all, if you are doing what you love, then you are in an energy of joy. The energy of joy is a great natural feeling. We were made to all experience this type of joy. This energy of joy cannot let you down.

If you did what you loved and didn’t make money, it still never failed you because the action was already in itself a representation of taking action on your joy.
Thus, doing what you Love never fails you. It is only the moment we try to rationalize what we are doing as being either productive or unproductive that makes it so.

So let’s say someone does what she loves for a living. As an example let’s say this lady loves to paint. However her painting all day long doesn’t pay her rent. Keep in mind, (painting is what brings her joy). However, if she says to herself “What I really love doing” is not paying the rent, I have to quit painting. Then she can easily mistake doing what she loves, as doing something wrong. She just associated the inability of paying her rent with the fact that she was getting joy out of what she loved.

She may unconsciously tell herself in her own head, “I love painting, but I have to make money, therefore my love for painting needs to stop, and I need to work for something I may not like, to make ends meet, how dare I try to do something I love, mother was right!”

This is dangerous. The mind game she is playing with in her head is highly dangerous. This can actually lead to more negative conditions in the future. For example if in the future, the opportunity to paint comes around, she may actually begin to despise it altogether. This is simply because she linked a negative association (not having enough money to pay rent) with painting.

The opposite is also true. If she continued to paint, and let’s say still did not make money from it, and said “That’s fine, I’ll continue painting because it brings me joy, I just need to find a creative way to make money from this.” Then at that point she is proving to herself and the universe that what she does for a living will not only pay her rent, but more importantly allow her even more positive associations with doing what she loves.

The fact here is this, Do what you love regardless if it pays you or not, because it will be rewarding for you personally, and if you stay doing it, eventually you will gain confidence that doing what you love, never fails. The only real failure is in telling yourself that doing what you love is wrong.

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