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Monday, January 19, 2009

Take the Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test.

Hi stars! Enclosed below is a very accurate and precise personality test. It was founded by Carl Jung and Isabel Myers. I have personally found the results of the Myers-Briggs Personality Test stunningly accurate and worthwhile. Friends and family members who have taken the test found the results amazingly accurate as well. Having an understanding of your Personality type will enhance your understanding about how you think and how you react in various situations. Knowing your Myers-Briggs Personality Type is a small yet important step towards experiencing Beyond Success. Knowing yourself and improving on your traits while learning and growing is an essential part to great success. Understanding our weaknesses and strengths is what makes us improve and constantly strive for progression and advancement in personal development. I am an (ENTP) which means I am Extroverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving. Have a fun time taking this test, and you will be amazed by the results of your personality!FREE MYERS-BRIGGS PERSONALITY TEST:

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