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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Are You Paying Attention To? What You Give Attention To, You Give Power.

19 12 2008


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Hello All.
What are you paying most of your attention to? Whatever you give your most attention to you give power to. When you are watching a movie and you give all your attention to the movie, you are giving the people that made that movie happen your power. Ever wonder why movie stars get the big bucks?
If you are doing something you don’t enjoy and giving it your full attention, then you are giving that power away to something that does not serve you well. The opposite is also true. If you are giving your full attention to something you love then you give your power to that as well.
Why do you think the Holidays are such a wonderful time? Because almost everyone is focused on being nice, kind, and giving. Therefore the energy it creates feels good.

Baker’s Real Life Example

When I’m writing these blogs my attention is focused on providing positive value. This gives the readers power. This empowers the readers and thus I get empowered as well. As you send out you get back. My attention is focused of providing the words that will uplift you is my intent. You, the reader are my audience. I am giving you attention with the understanding that with these words I give you power, if you choose to allow it. (Freewill).

The Main Point of this Post

The main point is that what we pay most attention to we give power to. What are you giving your attention to? If you understand that what you give your attention to is what you give power to, Is what you are focusing your attention on serving you well?


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