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Monday, March 1, 2010

The 7 Clues That Your Are Living An Empowered Life

It seems like almost everyone I meet today, wants to know if they are on the right track with life. How many people do you know are searching for the clues that let them know if they are on the right track in their own evolution? I believe that in order to evolve as a human being, the first step is to empower yourself. Empowerment is an inward journey. It begins and ends with you and what you are willing to do on a consistent basis to take charge of your own life.

How do you know if you are becoming an empowered individual or not? Are you claiming your power, or are you becoming a victim to circumstances as they arise? Are you in charge of your life?
From my personal observation of studying high achievers in life, I have found that there is a common denominator that they all share. This common denominator they all share comes in the form of 7 clues that are high indicators that a person is indeed living an empower life.

I will share these 7 clues that make up an empowered individual. Although you don’t need all 7 to be considered to be an empowered individual, I would say from my observation, that if you score 4 out of 7 means you are on the right track. Obviously, if you score 7 out of 7 you are an exceptional individual and consider yourself a highly empowered individual. A person that scores a 7 out of 7 is someone who is highly evolved and is making their mark in the world.

Keep In Mind** This list is in no particular order or to this list. There is no hierarchy to this list.** This list is to be looked as a greater whole.

The 7 Clues That Your Are Living An Empowered Life

1. Present Moment Awareness
The individual that is presently aware in what he/she is doing, is an empowered individual. Regardless, if you enjoy your circumstances or not, the ability to witness and be aware of the present moment is one good sign that you are evolving as an empowered individual. If you acknowledge the idea that the more you focus more of your time in the present moment, versus worrying about the past or future moments is a good indication that your are takings steps to claim your empowerment.

2. Where You Choose To Focus Your Time
The individual that sees his/her time is valuable, is a self aware individual that knows that where they are choosing to spend their time is what they are producing in their own life. The individual that is making an honest effort to spending more time doing the things that help them grow in their personal development, is evolving because they are choosing growth. This choice of focusing on what matters to the individual most, is a powerful indicator of someone that is empowering themselves.

3. Your Learning and Studying
The individual that is continues to study and learn is an evolving individual. The person that has the quest for knowledge, is always improving and making tweaks in their life and own projects is a person that is evolving in an upwards direction. They are constantly learning new things and are open to change. The empowered individual, knows he/she won’t always have the answers and is humble enough to search for the answers by continually learning and studying new things. The continual growth for new knowledge and being up to date with what is going on in the world, is a great gift to have. The empowered individual always wants to learn, and in turn teach others the way.

4. The Amount of Joy You are Receiving In Your Life
If what you are doing on a daily basis is bringing joy into your life, you are evolving as a human being. This is because life is about being joy, so what you do on a regular basis has to come from this place. The empowered individual is enjoying what he/she does for a living and is grateful for the entire process of doing what one loves. The empowered individual knows the importance of begin joyful in whatever they choose to take part in.

5. Your Personal Responsibility
The empowered individual takes full responsibility for his/her actions. They understand that we live in a cause and effect universe. As you sow, so shall you reap. Therefore, the empowered individual is constantly taking full responsibility for his/her thoughts and actions. The empowered individual makes choices that are consistent with what he/she values most in life.

6. Moving towards your Desires
The empowered individual doesn’t settle. This individual is always looking for ways to move towards their desires. They know that there is always a new challenge to overcome. The evolved individuals welcomes the new challenge as it is the process that moves the individual into their true desires. Regardless of the fears, and worries of others that this individual may not “make it.” The empowered individual goes for it anyway, and moves upwards in their desire. This forces the empowered individual to constantly be moving outside of their comfort zone. The truly empowered individual matches their desire with that of the greater community.

7. Making a Contribution to Society
The evolving individual is always making a contribution to society. The empowered individual wants to intends to leave a legacy behind. The empowered individual knows that being empowered means that you do your best to help empower others as well. In this process you are making a contribution to society in a positive way. When it is all said it done, the evolved individual looks back and says “This is the contribution, I left to this society, and I am at peace with my efforts.”

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