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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Process v.s The Outcome: And Why I am Passionate About Blogging

“Man is truely great when he can act from his passions”
-Benjamin Disraeli

Hello all.
The process of blogging is a great way for me to share what I’ve experienced and learned from personal experience, and experimentation on my own personal development. The intent is to experience life at a high positive vibrational energy, and blog about it to inspire others to manifest their dreams.

I Had a Basketball Jones

When I was younger I was very passionate about the game of basketball. I can remember several moments in my childhood that playing basketball was all I really wanted to do. It was the entire process of just playing the game that made basketball so fun for me. The game of basketball leads to two outcomes, winning and loosing. Both something I learned a lot from about life. You win some and you lose some, but there’s always another day. There was another day to improve and get better. It was the pursuit and process of just playing the game in the moment to improve that made me passionate about the game of basketball.

My Early Writing

I began blogging in late 2007. Although I technically started blogging during this time, I got involved in writing rhymes and poetry at the age of 16. I kept these notebooks filled with tons of writing hidden for a long period of time. I would write whenever I felt the inspiration, and always just felt it was something that was a way to vent, or express my creativity in rhyme.

Looking, back I see that the constant and persistent writing I did 9 years ago, are just barley starting to resurface again for me, this time in the form of blogging. The best part about blogging for me, is that although it doesn’t give me the exact feeling I had experienced when I played basketball when I was younger, it definitely does blend in very closely.

For example, when I played basketball I played for the love of the game. I did it for the enjoyment, otherwise known as the “process.” Even though there were two outcomes that resulted from playing the game with others, (winning or lossing). It was the process of being in the moment of the entire experience of playing the game in the moment that I got my joy from.

Blogging Gives Me That Same Process

Blogging gives me that same process. I have the freedom to play this writing game with no inhibitions, or limits (only the ones I choose to put on myself) and more importantly blogging is a constant ongoing process. I keep coming back to it, because I have this passion of being in the moment, typing exactly what comes to me at the moment, from inspiration. I have room to improve, but isn’t that how life is anyway? Just an ongoing process, learning and improving? So although I’ve received outcomes from this blog in the form of approval from readers that have received value from this blog, once again for me it begins and ends with the enjoyment of the process. This process of blogging has lead me to some outward achievement and may continue to, but that isn’t my primary concern. It’s really about writing my truth and experiences on my own personal development to inspire and empower others on their own journey. The other amazing thing about blogging, is that I can easily just pick up something I’m passionate at the moment, document it on this blog, and it all connects together nicely.

For example, I recently purchased a painting by the numbers receive I’ve recently started painting on. I can take a picture of it when I complete it and post a blog about the benefits of quieting the mind and painting. The creativity that emerges out from this blog, are unlimited.

I am passionate about blogging, because it allows the process to unfold from within me and then outwards as a form of my creative expression. The process comes first, and the outcome is secondary.

Baker’s Advice

I urge you all to find what you are passionate about and enjoy the process. If you haven’t found what you are passionate about, continue to experiment, and heck you can even enjoy the process of that too! The outcome will vary and there are no gaurantees, but enjoying the process is a choice that comes from the passion. When I played the game of basketball, I wasn’t playing to get a gaurantee, sure I wanted to win, but there was no gaurantee in that. The focus was on the moment, it was in the process not the outcome. My concern is that in life many people are living their lives still always looking for gaurantees. This blocks their own opportunity to even get in the game, and start enjoying the process.
In the game of life, you win some and lose some. Your best bet is to enjoy the process along the way. Just as I enjoyed the process of playing the game of basketball, and how I am now doing with this blog in this present moment. Get in the game.

With Unlimted Creativity,

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