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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best Kind of Affirmation

Affirmation Defined: That which is asserted; an assertion; a positive statement; an averment; as, an affirmation.

You probably heard of the power of intention, or the use of affirmation. The use of daily affirmations continues to help benefit those individuals that are using it properly and undertand the power of their words. There is power in the words we use. What we state clearly and affirm in the form of an affirmation can really help you in your life. These positive affirmations one makes can bring about positive or negative change in a person’s life. This is because what we choose to say about our life becomes our reality.

Have you heard people say at their regular job that my boss is a “pain in the neck.” They say this statement enough times with belief and emotion, and the next time you see this person you find that these people actually begin getting physical pains in their neck.
The truth is that what we say on a constant basis either conscious or unconscious acts as energy that is creating our reality.

An example of a “regular positive affirmation” is one that is stated in the present tense, and begins with the words I am. A regular affirmation usually is something positive that you are wanting to have, but stating in a manner that you already have it. So, a regular positive affirmation for success would be:

“I am now experiencing success in all areas in my life”

An example relationship affirmation would be:

“I now have the perfect relationship in my life”

Although these affirmations are great and work very well. These aren’t the “best” kind of affirmation. In this case, I use the term “Best” referring to the amount of speed and quality of what will manifest.

The best affirmation for faster manifestation results, would be to add the element of gratitude into your affirmation along with a knowingness instead of a mere hope or wish.
For example the best kind of affirmation for success would go something like this:

“Thank you God, for bringing success into my life today.”

Notice the “Thank you God” as a form of first giving gratitude and being thankful, and then the affirmation concludes stated positively and in the present moment. This statement comes from a “knowingness” versus a mere hope or wish. You can use this style of affirmation for any area in your life. Start with the gratitude, state in a positive context in the present moment, and state with a sense of knowingness that this is happening now.

Begin now to develop an awareness of the energy you put behind this style of affirmation. When you come from a place of knowing what you state is truth, your affirmations will manifest quicker for you. When you come from a place of mere hope or wish, there isn’t enough energy behind your affirmation for it to manifest quickly. It’s all about energy.

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