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Friday, February 12, 2010

Being Joy

“You can never have joy, you can only be it.”

Last night, I stepped slightly out of alignment with myself. I felt this ego rush of wanting to do something so fun and grand.

I felt the need to do something outdoors late night that “normal” people do on Friday nights. Like go to the bar or go clubbing…I felt this strange urge to just revert back to my old ways of doing something ego filled, just for a quick rush, as if something outside of me would bring me a sense of joy…. (Boy Was I wrong)

I was going to hit the night scene, filled with a strong ego, and trying to get some type of “rush” out of it. Only to see a man dressed in civilian clothes, speaking about the “end of days.”
Granted, many people passed this man by as he spoke about how everyone in our society seems to be so controlled by regular media. He spoke about the shift in consciousness that I’ve written about in previous blog posts that I still stand by. So I actually was intrigued by his message and felt a sense of peace in that someone saw things the way I saw it as far as on a global scale of awareness.

His speech alone, made me want to reconsider what in the hell, I was doing. Why was I trying to go out and get this “rush” again?

I guess the truth is that it does get a little scary when you are totally at peace and in alignment with who you really are. This past week, was filled with beautiful and peaceful meditations that, allowed me to get in touch with my true nature. Yet, Friday night comes and all of a sudden I want something more, that consists of things outside of me?

Won’t Be Found Outside of Yourself
Many times in life we try to find joy outside of ourselves. I don’t care where you are or what you have experienced in your life. The only joy you will ever really be real for you is when it’s from your inner being. If you think of it, the idea that joy comes only from your inner being first is where it ends and begins.

Any situation you find yourself in you can find the joy in it. If for example you are in a really solid amazing relationship with an amazing individual the joy may look like it comes from that individual, but it’s really coming from you. The individual may be the physical reflection for what you already have within you. The indvidual you are in relationship may present to you higher parts of yourself, thus joy is present. This also relates to certain achievements you may experience. It isn’t really the achievement of receiving a “thing” in your life that makes you joyful, it’s the joy from within you first that is expressed and the symbol of whatever you are achieving or receiving stems from yourself first.

Today’s World
In today’s world we are bombarded with things and experiences that we may think brings us joy. I for one, have fell victim to this as well. Thinking that going some place far off in the form of travel will bring me joy, (which I intend to do via future travel, but stay with me here. )

The joy in itself is in the present moment. There isn’t anything really spectacular that you have to do, to get this joy. You just simply acknowledge that it comes from with you first, and then however you choose to express that is really up to you. That’s the beauty of life. We don’t have to really try hard to receive joy, it’s already something that is inside each person just waiting to be acknowledge.

You can never “have” joy you can only be it. Many people mistakenly say, “When I get married and have kids then I will have joy.” or “When I get a salary raise, then I will have joy.” The point is many people are conditioned to believe that there needs to be something that happens outside of them to “have” joy. When you can only be joy.

The wonderful thing about this blog space for me, is that I get to be joy, and express it in writing and that also brings me joy. For those of you that feel the need to logic this experience to death, are missing the golden nugget that I’m intending to share with you. You see as I type these words I am joyful because that is who I am. Therefore, this joy is coming from me out to you. It’s a wonderful cylce. There needs to be no other reason to be joyful. Many people get caught up with trying to do all these amazing things, only to be left feeling a void. The void is there because, you have to really acknowledge and pay attention to the present moment as it arises, that’s where joy is at. From this place you can also now bring joy to others. So this works out nicely. I have included the my 3 tips on simply being joy.

3 Tips on Being Joy

1. Acknowledge the present moment. See and feel what you are experiencing right now. Don’t concern yourself with the past, or the future. Be here now. Know that all is well in this exact moment. This will open up an inner space for joy to arise. When you see that all is well right now, you are in a better feeling space. As you tune into to and develop an awareness of the present moment, your joy inside you gradually begins to emerge.

2. Bring joy to others. Even if you aren’t feeling the joy in you. Simply taking time to bring joy to others is a big key in bringing joy to yourself. Make someone laugh, or just be totally present with someone and appreciate and send them good positive vibes. Compliment and uplift them sicncerley on something they are doing well on.

3. Take it easy. For many people that get caught up easily in seeking a momentary ego rush in finding things outside of themselves, I urge you to take things easy. Focus on what is already here in your life and take things one step at a time. Many people spend their entire lives running from one place to another trying to find their joy, when all they really had to do was take it easy on themselves, and acknowledge the joy already inside them.

These 3 steps are only difficult when you realize that your life is operating on ego mode. In other words, for example, the need to prove something to others, will actually make these 3 steps close to impossible to take part in. However, your real wisdom comes from operating from your spirit mode and a sense of who you really are. Thus by operating from this space, you allow the following 3 steps to bring positive results and allow you to simply be the joy within you, versus how you otherwise might have been trying to search outside of you for the joy. Be joy today.

Being Joy,

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