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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Turning “Shoulds” Into “Musts”

“Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

Hello all.
When something becomes a “must” on your do to list, you will find a way to get what needs to be done completed. When a goal becomes a “should” you still invite the idea of maybe not getting something done and completed.

Not a clever play on words.
As I’ve written in my previous blog posts. I believe in the power of our words. Our words that we use on daily basis form our regular habits. So using the word “should” constantly for me is not really empowering and doesn’t get things completed thoroughly. When I use the phrase to myself, “I must get this done.” It sets a more stronger tone, and gets what needs to be done completed in time.

Are there any “shoulds” in your life at the moment that would be more helpful for you if they became “musts”? Take a look at the things in your list of goals and see what needs the top priority and take care of those first at the start of each day. I have previously written about my personal time management technique found HERE.

If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

From when I last posted the above entry, my time management technique is still the same. This time management continues to successfully work for me, so I continue to use it. I have found that getting my most important tasks (MIT) to start off each day is essential to the success and flow of my overall day. So the time management technique is still something I practice on a daily basis. It keeps me focused and allows me time to get the most important things I need to get completed at the start of each day. This schedule also allows me time for learning new information and play time later in the day. Don’t underestimate study, and learning new ideas. This is a daily privilege that must be honored, as the world is changing in rapid speeds. Also don’t underestimate scheduled play time during the day. Scheduled play time is essential for creative individuals to flourish on their chosen projects.

Do you still have “Shoulds” that would be more helpful for you if they become “Musts”?
If you can take those “shoulds” and turn those into “musts” would you have a more productive way of life? Would you get more accomplished?

The Term Accomplishment

One thing about the term “accomplishment.” Remember you are reading Beyond Success blog, not How to Be Mediocre Blog. Which means accomplishment for a beyond successful individual may not necessarily mean accomplishing goals that other people such as your “boss” tells you, or what your parents may label as “accomplishment.” Accomplishment in beyond successful terms means accomplishment on your own terms. It is believing in something in your heart, and getting that thing completed. It means internally you feel satisfied with your efforts. Basically, accomplishment simply means on these blogs, something YOU wanted and YOU got.

Turn your shoulds into musts, and you will see your productivity soar.

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