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Monday, January 25, 2010

Opening Up To Constructive Criticism (Update)

Hello all.
One of the major reasons I continue to steadily improve on this blog is because I am open to constructive criticism. Along with being open to constructive criticism, I make bold statements that I actually live in real life, and stand by. The beautiful balance of the two, both being open to constructive criticism, and being bold results in steady upwards improvement of my blog. I was having a great conversation with one of my best friends over the weekend, and we got to talking about my blog. We began discussing some of the things that are working and some of the things that need improvement. All I can really say is that I appreciate constructive criticism.

My natural personality initially tends to be very closed off to criticism, but when you know who you are talking to you would be foolish not to implement the minor tweaks that need to be made. One of the tweaks I will attempt to implement on this blog is to share more personal stories, and give you as the reader more of where I come from, who I am, and where I am headed on my own personal development journey.
This will be a gradual process, as my success from this blog comes from my own timing and natural instincts of when and how many times to post and what topics to keep the momentum and energy moving upwards. My creative process with this blog is highly intuitive, which works out well for me.

Putting more of my personal journey won’t be a dramatic change to the blog, as some of my much older posts actually take this more personal approach in to account. However, I’ll make an honest effort of tying in more of my own personal personal development journey into these posts with the intention of connecting more with my readers.

Below I’ve included 3 steps on how to Open up to Constructive Criticism:

1. Humility- Whatever project you are working on, always know that there are always ways to improve your project. Be humble, and know that there are people that can really make a big difference by assisting you, a lot of times it is just minor tweaks that make a big difference. Be humble and learn from people that know what they are talking about. Without humility you may think everything is going well, when in reality you might be missing something. Be a curious student.

2. Experiment- Begin to apply and try out the constructive criticism given to you. Try it and see if it works. If it doesn’t than that fine. Just be willing to make changes if indeed that is what you need work on. It is a learning process that continues, be patient with your self and learn from your mistakes by experimenting.

3. Use Your Intuition- If you are like me, and you are very independent thinker and have had success by doing things your way, I urge you to seek constructive criticism and at the same time use your own intuition. Is this critique being offered to you, something that you feel can work for you? Only you would really know. Your inner voice at the end of the day overrides any critique you receive, so balance out both what is being offered to you with your own intuition and this will result to greater improvements for you in your project. The truth is, learning to trust your intuition develops your self awareness.

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