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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Keep Writing


Hello All.
The secret to being good at something is to make a habit of it. I recognize I am not the best writer in the world. (yet) lol :) But I enjoy it, and keep at it. I don’t do Baker Blog for all the external factors such as fame or recognition. I just do it because I feel like it something that makes sense for me at this time. Baker Blog is how I can provide positive lasting value to people. This is highly fulfilling for me and my readers. I keep writing.This is why I’m so happy with life. I don’t worry too much what others are doing, I focus on what brings me joy, and this allows others to do the same.

I follow my joys so that others follow theirs. I Just ask that you be insightful on how I do my thing. Pay attention on how I’m building my own personal brand. Notice how I stay focused when others are loosing faith. It’s a natural process for me. How I get into my “flow” is not necessarily a talent, it’s just something I tap into. I tap into this as I choose.

Stay glued on here. As we embark on 2009 I intend that these blogs continue to enrich and inspire countless individuals. Continue to join me as I embark on my own personal journey of Beyond Success!

I keep writing.


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