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Monday, November 23, 2009

Truth Wisdom and Awakening

Hello all.

Truth Wisdom and Awakening will be found in delivering positive value during these rough financial times.

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Delivering Positive Value Today

Delivering positive value is important during these hard economical times. With people loosing their jobs at historical rates, this alternative route is probably the most logical. This alternative is to create positive value to people and deliver it to individuals. This is not overly complicated. This is actually so easy that many people have to question its validity.

There is an abundance of different alternatives to create value and deliver it to people. Social media and the internet is making it easier for people to hop on to a computer and create something of value. For example when I’m writing this blog, I am sparking ideas and valuable information for people that probably never heard of this concept of “delivering positive value”. This bring me great joy. I am glad to know that what I am creating is something of positive value for you. These are the times we need to share and be grateful for the abundance of positive information that is presented to us.

Constantly struggling by searching for jobs that aren’t even close to your life mission, takes you further away from your creative spirit. It drains your energy. Once you begin to run away from your natural ability to create, you gave away your power. And to what did you give your power to?

You will be surprised of the endless abundance of opportunities that arise when you are focused on creating and delivering positive value for others to enjoy and be inspired by. You will find your truth, open up to greater wisdom and experience awakening when you focus on delivering positive value to others.


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