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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Amazing & Spectacular Life!!! (Beyond Success)


Hello all.

The Amazing

The life you are living at this moment is amazing. It is amazing because the way in which you decide to go about your life is exactly what you should be doing. Where you are at and what you are thinking is exactly what you should be thinking. This is why life is amazing. It’s amazing because you are still breathing, you still have food to eat. Amazing is inside you and you know it. When you woke up this morning you were ready for an amazing day regardless if you knew it or not. The best part of this amazing life is the reality that you don’t need any specific or particular reason for it to be amazing. It becomes amazing the moment you see it that way.

The Spectacular

The life you are living at this moment is spectacular. You don’t need any validation, or someone to ask if you are living the spectacular life. You don’t need someone else’s opinion on what is spectacular for you. There is no real logical reason why your life at this moment is spectacular. If you are alive, healthy and able to read this your life is spectacular. You are living in such a spectacular time in history. Honor it, respect it, and be spectacular from within. Plain and simple. You don’t need a reason for your life to be spectacular, you just need to accept that there are spectacular things in your nature that allow it to be so. And so it is.


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