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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why We Need Peace

22 02 2009

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Hello all.
The activists in the world that send messages of peace, are the ones that have seen the suffering, and negative energy at it’s worst. When you have seen the worst of what can happen, and admit that it causes you and other’s further suffering, you will begin to see why you need peace. Peace is easily misunderstood. What a lot of people do is look for peace outside themselves first. When in reality the way to peace, is to find it within yourself first. When you are at peace with what you are doing, and what you are becoming, it is much easier for you to be a peaceful person to others. When your life is filled with hate and dissatisfaction, you will always be seeking that out in others, when all you have to really do is look within.

I have noticed that when my inner world is not at peace, then my outer world reflects that same thing back to me, and vis-versa. Why do we need peace? Because we have seen suffering for too long.
I believe those that don’t find peace within themselves, haven’t push the limit to the suffereing that they experience and give off to others. When you reach that tipping point of suffering, you spring back into your inner state of peace. When your inner world is peaceful, your outer world is at peace.
The biggest war is not in Iraq, or in any other country. The biggest war is in our mind.

We need peace, because suffering is hurting people beyond comprehension. This suffereing is what gives the ego a slight rush of excitement, because the ego thrives on being right and thrives on separation. Inner peace is egoless. It is so real that if you first felt it that you might be in awe of your own being. Imagine being in awe of yourself because you are so much at peace. You need peace to raise your own awareness of life, and ultimately to have a clearer understanding of why you are here on earth.


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